Rustic Maka Natural Deodorants, Milford

Made in Michigan with exceptional ingredients, sustainable applications, no animal testing, and vegan certified.

Rustic MAKA's Products: Rustic MAKA's products go beyond today's standards of natural and pay tribute to the Earth by supporting organic practices and sustainable applications. Their aim is to first and foremost effectively nourish and enhance your body without any toxic ingredients.

Natural Deodorants: Made with organic ingredients when possible, Rustic MAKA believes they are the best for our bodies. When organic ingredients are not available, they select wild crafted or nature-derived options, without compromising quality and effectiveness.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Certified: Cruelty-free and vegan certified, Rustic MAKA's products are tested in the real world on real (and willing!) people who, just like you, are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.

A family-owned business, they are committed to paying tribute to their simple upbringing while keeping your family's well-being in mind.

Background: Rustic MAKA's products are a reflection of their family values and are fully inspired by their mom, Anna, and her time-tested and natural remedies. Growing up in Warsaw, Poland, Kasia and her sisters Monica and Alex, enjoyed family gatherings, home cooked meals and camping trips. They now live in Michigan and produce Rustic MAKA in a facility in Milford, MI.

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