Roosroast, Ann Arbor

Fair Trade Organic Coffee, Beans are Roasted Fresh Every Week!

RoosRoast: Located in Ann Arbor, RoosRoast is home of Lobster Butter Love and highly caffeinated, freaky people who love coffee. They roast coffee, they sell coffee, they make art. Here's another thing you should know: their coffee tastes really good.

Want it Again and Again: It's so popular, they regularly ship it across the country - to places like Texas, Utah, Florida - but also Portland, San Francisco and Manhattan where you'd think they have a fair supply of good coffee. People try RoosRoast coffee and they want it again. And again.So maybe the Roos vibes get in the beans? Maybe it's the handprinted bags?


WHAAAT?: Maybe it's the way they roast, now using the spectular Loring Smart Roasterâ„¢?This is an important detail: their roaster uses 80% LESS energy than an equivalent roaster of its kind! WHAAAT? Watch the video.

Order Now: Their beans are roasted weekly and come to you fresh. Just order from our website and we'll deliver them to your pickup location!

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