Organic Produce Available Year-Round

Organic Produce delivered bi-weekly to select locations

Organic Produce Boxes: Many of you have asked us to provide high quality, certified organic produce boxes and FINALLY we have them! We have teamed up with a Michigan distribution business to help us put together our offering. This family-owned distribution business will pick out the best quality produce from the best local and organic farms, when possible, and will box them up in their warehouse for us on a per order basis.

Quality: We believe our quality will be better than what you can get at the grocery store and because it is sold in boxes, the pricing is sharp. Our initial offering includes: Salad Essentials Fruit Staples Juice & Smothie Bountiful Harvest

Check out: Check out what a customer had to say about our new produce boxes: "Absolutely thrilled with the quality of stuff in the produce box! Also, thank you for the home delivery, it’s much appreciated." - Donna Mendoza