Nutcase Vegan Meats, Grand Rapids

Organic ground "meat" made from walnuts, brown rice, quinoa, spices and other healthy ingredients.

Nutcase Vegan Meats: From Grand Rapids, Nutcase Vegan Meats is committed to creating the highest quality, organic, non-GMO products. Dedicated locavores; after viewing Food Inc, their daughter announced she was a vegetarian from that day forward. Andrew is a talented cook so he devoted his culinary talents to vegetarian, dairy-free fare. Putting their heads together to create a flavorful "meat" while avoiding pro-inflammatory foods, Nutcase Vegan Meats are gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free.

Healthy and Satisfying: As physicians with teenagers, they sought a healthy, fulfilling meat alternative to recreate their favorite dishes. They crafted a tree nut, brown rice and quinoa based ground “meat” that is from whole foods, healthy and satisfying.


Flavorful Products: Using walnuts, brown rice, quinoa and spices Nutcase Vegan Meats created a ground "meat" that embraces truly healthy eating while concentrating on authentic flavor. Their focus is to create flavorful products to make eating vegan a pleasurable experience for all!

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