GCC Organic Poultry, Mount Pleasant

GMO-Free, Pastured, Rotationally-Grazed, Certified Organic Chicken and Turkey

Certified Organic!: We are really excited about this find. Delbert and Crystal Garret and their twin boys and brand new baby girl have 180 acres in Isabella County near Mount Pleasant. They have been organic since 2008 and have Cornish Cross Breed Chickens that are stunned before slaughter at a USDA Facility. 100% Certified Organic!

GMO Free: Both their Turkeys and Chickens are pastured and rotationally grazed. That means they are moved to fresh grass often providing better forage and it gives the grass a chance to recover. Their diet is supplemented with certified organic GMO-free grains including corn and soy. Certified organic means they are GMO free too.


Connected to Nature: The Garrets say that “we view every aspect of our operation as being part of a greater whole. We strive to appreciate the dynamics within our environment. Being connected to nature, we mimic her patterns.”

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