Erie Bone Broth from Cleveland, OH

Made with Organic Ingredients, Preservative- Free, No Added Salt

Erie Bone Broth: Erie Bone Broth uses roasted meat that is then simmered for 24-72 hours in order to create a collagen-rich broth. Bone broths are an excellent and versatile superfood that is easily absorbed and can help heal the gut as well as combat inflammation. The phosphorous, minerals, and vitamins released from the bones can also help regulate hormones, keep bones and teeth healthy, and improve digestion. You can use Erie broths as a daily drink, an additive in smoothies, a soup stock, or in cooking to add flavor. Turkey, Chicken, Bison or Beef bone broths come frozen in 8 oz packages.


100% Grass-Fed: 100% Grass-fed, Free-range, or Pastured | Organic Vegetables | Preservative-Free | No Added Salt

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