ECA Farm

ECA Farm

ECA Farm: Russ Allen sustainably raises white shrimp at ECA (Environmentally Conscious Aquaculture) Farms in Okemos, Michigan.

Environmentally Conscious Aquaculture: "Raised in indoor heated tanks, the farm is kept at 80 degrees," says Russ. "All of the operations waste is recycled through a bio-filtrated system, so there is no effluence into the enrichment."

Production Practices: A veteran shrimp farmer, Russ's shrimp are tank-hatched, given no growth hormones or antibiotics, and grow in salt water in a bio-secure system. The Shrimp feed is fish meal free, however it is not organic or GMO-Free. Aquaculture is such a small market it is difficult to get organic and GMO-free feed. However, this is the healthiest, most sustainably raised shrimp and it is locally available!


Premium Product: We currently have shrimp available frozen, with shell on and head off. They come in approximately one pint biodegradable containers. Enjoy shrimp cocktail knowing your appetizer comes from a farmer who prides himself in having an environmentally conscious aquaculture environment.

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