Black Pearl Gardens Microgreens

Flavorful and Nutrient Dense, No Pesticides and GMO-Free

Black Pearl Gardens: Black Pearl Gardens is a locally-owned vertical-farm which operates in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor. The business started as a collaboration between a private restaurant owner and a farm girl, Christy Kaledas, turned financial consultant turned farm girl again.

Happy Healthy Communities: Their goal is to provide the cleanest and most flavorful greens possible to restaurants and markets in the area based on the belief that good healthy eating makes for happy healthy communities.The first seed was planted in 2014 and the garden has continued to flourish since.


Purest and Freshest Greens: The business model is built on the promise of consistently delivering the purest and freshest greens year around. In 2016 the gardens grew to an additional location in Plymouth in order to provide for the growing number of individuals that share our vision. Grown indoors the microgreens are available year-round. Flavorful and nutrient dense the microgreens are great on salads, sandwiches, entrees, pizzas and in soups.

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