About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to find local farmers and processors who have farming methods that are healthy, humane and sustainable. They often have challenges reaching the local markets that require refrigerated transportation and links to restaurants and markets. We get to know our farmers and processors and we learn how they operate their enterprises. This helps us determine if they fit our requirements for practices that are healthy, sustainable and humane. Our foods taste better, because they are better! We strive to work within 150 miles of our warehouse in Ann Arbor and we work exclusively with small family farms. Happily, every year we see more people starting small farms and we see existing farmers converting to healthier and more sustainable practices. Buying local is here to stay. We currently serve Ann Arbor, Detroit, Lansing, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids.

ELEN RoosterEat Local Eat Natural is committed to supporting a sustainable and thriving local food economy. We do this by scouting and relationship building with farmers and food artisans primarily within 150 miles from our Ann Arbor warehouse. Why is sourcing and buying local foods important to us? There are so many reasons:

Most of the farmers and food artisans we work with are exclusively small family farms or businesses. We avoid factory farms and CAFOs and their unsustainable and unhealthy practices. We get to know our farmers and understand the methods that they use and the humane way that they treat their animals.  Animals are free range, pasture-raised and are never given antibiotics, hormones or fed animal by-products. Whenever we can, we source from certified organic  farms or farms that use organic practices. Food artisans we select use artisanal, small-batch processing and source non-gmo or organic ingredients.

Currently only 7% of food dollars stay within its community. When we buy locally, we help to keep the majority of those dollars circulating within and supporting the local economy.

The foods we provide taste better because they are better. This is because of how they were raised and fed. The nutritional level of naturally small farm raised foods is higher than that of commercial foods. And because they are raised locally, they get to you faster, which means fresher. This is more in line with how our grandparents and great-grandparents consumed food.

Our farmers are often multi-generational who have been farming the same small farms for years. They avoid harmful chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides keeping our air, water and soil clean and safe. Because the food is supplied locally, the food miles traveled are greatly reduced, reducing our carbon footprint.


Why do WE do Local?

  • Satisfaction. You know that you are supporting food artisans that use local, healthy ingredients and small-batch processing. You are also supporting small local family farms that use sound and sustainable farming practices.
  • Confidence. In this day and age of factory farming and ambiguous labeling, you can be confident that the food you are offering is sustainably produced and you know where it comes from.
  • Real food. You know that you are offering wholesome, unadulterated foods that will keep your customers healthy.
  • Cost advantages. Real food from small local farms and food artisans becomes more affordable when you buy in bulk from us. Standing orders increase your cost savings.

Michigan Family Farms

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Eat Local Eat Natural packages meat from select Michigan family farms under the Michigan Family Farms food label. All farms raise their animals on small sustainable farms, are non-GMO, and are antibiotic free and hormone free. Many of the producers are also certified organic, pasture their animals, and use heritage breads. All certified organic farms are clearly with the USDA Certified Organic label. You can find Michigan Family Farms at several retailers in the Greater Detroit area and through out Michigan.